new look
Written by Betty   
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 18:49



you might have noticed things are changing a little on the website, i'm always trying to make the way i display my vintage style dresses and other items more visually appealing as well as neater and tidier, it's difficult without the aid of a professional photographer on site. i've had the privilage to work with some really great photogrpahers and models over the years, but it's not always practical to send dresses away to be photogrpahed, i need a way to be able to take pics of my dresses and skirts etc as they arrive, and so really it does need to be on a mannequin of some description, until recently i'd been using a shop window type dummy, but with the angle of the body and the skinny size she is, it just didn't look quite right.


So i've swapped to a more regimented 'look' for the website for now, I hope you'll like the change.








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